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An investor has to deal with a whole lot of problems that he inherits with his investment. Some of them can burn right through the profits and make the investment a dud.

These HVAC hacks shows you a few ways to get some issues fixed quickly and economically.

Remember while purchasing a property with a system over 15 years old its best to assume that the HVAC system will have to be replaced. Also for working systems make sure to check if the condensation pipes are not leaking.

Here are some tips listed below:

  1. Make sure the outdoor unit for the air conditioning is in the shade.
  2. Remember it is not always necessary to replace the cooling system when the heating has stopped functioning. For example, if a furnace has to be replaced it can be done separately without having to change the cooling system.
  3. Regular cleaning of the ducts will decrease the load on the a/c unit increasing its life and decreasing your bills.
  4. When looking for new HVAC systems always ask for a brand equivalent to the one they suggest as its common practice to suggest the top end brand first.
  5. Installing a heat pump with increase energy efficiency of the system.
  6. Its common practice for the charges for a/c servicing to be hiked up during the summer months cause the demand is high.